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Putragunawan Hosni
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Putragunawan Hosni This is quality metal sounded like it was from the 80's. Not many succeed in getting that sound. Interesting how the band will sound like on their next released. Meanwhile, I'm gonna consume this again and again.
paul rote
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paul rote Back in the eighties I had a wooden box where I kept my favorite albums out of the thousands I had. It was always hard to figure out which one to remove when something this great came along . Something would have been removed to make room for this. I would have put it in with my Manilla Road or Cirith Ungol records . Which were in that box ! Favorite track: Fresh Corpse For The Reaper.
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DJL68 NWOBHM, Manilla Road, Brocas Helm and Slough Feg fans take note- This is some potent old-school heaviness!
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released July 31, 2016



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DEMON'S BELL Portland, Oregon

Contact us via facebook to secure your limited copy of the Demon's Bell EP on Cassette.No cover. when there ready we will contact you.
Cassettes are under way and will be available soon! visit our Facebook page to keep updated on i'ts release and upcoming shows
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Track Name: Hell's Eternal Wheels
My sword goes singing through your chest
No time to cry as I take your last breathes
Your souls are mine don’t try to hide. no time to repent
Nightmares come true when i'm here with you,my name is Death
From the blackened depths far below There erupts a shrieking peal
The lamentation of those trapped Under Hell's eternal wheels
Woe belongs to all who hear the Demon's Bell!!

A call to arms to the fell forces of Hell
Commands to take the lives of those who dare to repent
The smell of rotting flesh lingers in the air
The ritual has begun soon my work here shall be done The cities set to flame with all who perish in its might
The devils rock is far too strong for their mortal flesh
I stand alone and watch the flames grow higher and higher
Laughing as they burn alive, my throne their funeral pyre